Engage Your Target Audience

Collect and Broadcast through popular channels of communication
so that you can reach your entire audience and impact with the
most optimal marketing campaign.

Engage With Your Target Audience

How do you reach and engage your target audience? What communication channels does your audience prefer? Is there an easy way to communicate with every member of your audience on multiple channels? At the same time? With reports?

Allegra Marketing has a simple and effective way for you to engage your customers through four of the most popular messaging channels people use today. Text Messaging. Email Messaging. Facebook Posts. Twitter Tweets. Our marketing solution allows your customers to pick and choose how they want to communicate with you. It allows you to engage all of them though their channel of choice at the same time. It provides you with their reported activity. The simplicity of the system allows you to manage all of this activity from one comprehensive management dashboard.

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Collect Contact Information

  • - Use Mobile Keywords
  • - QR Codes
  • - Online Signup Page

Connect with 100% of your Contacts

  • - eMail blast
  • - Social Media
  • - Text Alerts

Direct your Contacts to take Action

  • - Engage Communication
  • - Announce Promotions
  • - Notify or Inform

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