Contact information
to build your database.

Collect Contact Information To Build Your Database

By learning who your customers are, you can create more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns for higher ROI and increasing business! We are able to help sort contacts into multiple distribution lists, which allows you to tailor and target your marketing message.

Mobile Keywords

An innovative way to gather much more than just your customers' mobile numbers with keyword opt-ins. Target your messages and interact with your customers by collecting their contact information when they text message. Have their information automatically entered into your distribution lists. Send personal responses or personalized promotional offers back to your clients instantly after they signup.

QR Codes

Now customers have a quick and easy way to receive information and deals. Simply post your QR Code in all your marketing materials and start building up your database. This is truly a unique way to build your brand, deliver your promotional messages, and collect contact information.

Online Signup Page

Collect customer information with Online Sign-up Pages. Capture everything from standard contact information, including name, phone number, and email address, to customized data about your audience like age, preference, and more. We can help you customize each Sign-up page to be unique for every occasion so that it's catered to the look and feel of your website or promotion. There is also an an auto-responder that will be sent out right after someone signs up on your Online Sign-up Page. You can send a message back to them by mobile text message or email.

There are 3 ways that we can help you instal an Online Signup Page. You can choose to have one embedded directly on your website, or we can design one to a fit inside a Facebook tab, or we can add a link directly on your website. All rights reserved.